Monthly Archive: November 2012

Translating Matt. 2

Translating Matt.

We know each other pretty well now, and can easily identify when the other is speaking crap. A handy guide for understanding Matt, according to Bec: Are you sleepy? – Can we have sex?...

The Amalfi Coast 1

The Amalfi Coast

It was 9:15am and, in her apparent commitment to extinguishing all trace of her wedding dress diet/general health and well-being, Bec had just finished her first gelato for the day. The following conversation then...

Pimple 0


Rebecca: Why do I have a pimple on my bum? Matt: Because you talk too much.



Bec This is the story of me being a bitch at Pompeii. I was a bitch, but only because I find history boring, and I love eating. (N.B. Just to clarify I don’t really...


Dolphins and Whales

One of Matt’s strengths is trivialising important things. Our conversation today, following a story on the radio RE: dolphins beaching themselves and a number of them dying: Bec: Gosh, with all these dolphins and...

Weet-Bix 5

How do we start this? Weet-Bix?

Matt: So shouldn’t this joint blog thing start at the beginning, rather than the fight we had in Pompeii on our honeymoon? Actually, I will rephrase that for the record, we didn’t have a...