Bec’s Car

Bec's Car

Bec’s Car

Bec: Sweetheart can you help me bring the groceries in from the car?

Matt: Gosh. Your car is a mess. How do you cope with all this crap everywhere?

Bec: Well, I guess just like you with your ear hair, you fail to notice it after a while.

Matt: Why do you have tweezers in here?

Bec: To multi-task at the lights.

Matt: What’s this?

Bec: It’s an RACQ envelope.

Matt: It’s from 1998.

Bec: I like history.

Matt: Why is it covered in lipstick?

Bec: Because I use it to blot my lips so I can kiss you and you don’t complain.

Matt: Don’t they have some sort of professional lip-blotting product for that sort of thing?

Bec: No.

Matt: I would invent that if I was a girl and I worked for a tissue company. You’d get baby wipes and change the packaging put aloe vera and caffeine in them and say Katy Perry uses them and then all the girls would think that if they used them they would have lips like Katy Perry and boys would kiss them. And girls too, I suppose, like the song. You could have cherry chapstick flavor.

Bec: When you kiss me do you ever wish you were kissing Katy Perry?

Matt: Don’t make me answer that. What’s this?

Bec: It’s a thong.

Matt: Where’s the other one.

Bec: I don’t know.

Matt: Why do you have a flouro yellow workplace health and safety vest in here? Is that for when you’re guiding aircraft onto the appropriate runway?

Bec: It’s for work.

Matt: At what stage does sending a media release to the local newspaper require the wearing of a flouro yellow vest?

Bec: I go to dangerous places sometimes.

Matt: Is this the holder for a toilet brush?

Bec: Yes.

Matt: When did you finish this can of Coke Zero?

Bec: September.

Matt: Why do you have so many Coke Zero cans in here? Are you collecting them for recycling?

Bec: Walking to the bin is annoying.

Matt: You walk past the bin every morning on the way to your car?

Bec: Your Christmas present is in the boot. I might put that in the bin.

Matt: How many books do you have on your back seat? Have a guess.

Bec: Five.

Matt: Six.

Bec: I like to read.


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