Eczema, acting and canoeing

Bec: Poor Molly’s back is itchy. Maybe she has eczema or something.

Matt: I’ll fix it. Ramsay Vet they call me.

Bec: You’re not going to shave her back are you? That’ll just make it more itchy.

Matt: Nope.


Ramsay Vet itchy back solutions

Bec: Why did you shave her back? I told you not to.

Matt: She wanted me to.

Bec: I loved Before Midnight last night; Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy were so talented to remember all of those lines for those continuous scenes.

Matt: Who?

Bec: The actors. In the movie last night. They did all those long scenes in one continuous take.

Matt: I don’t remember.

Bec: You were sitting next to me.

Matt: Can you give me an example?

Bec: The fight scene. That was, like 15 minutes in one take.

Matt: Why is that so special? I could do that.

Bec: ONE TAKE. 15 MINUTES. You can’t even remember that you watched a movie last night, let alone 15 minutes of dialogue.

Matt: Hmm, maybe. I just don’t think it’s that special. That’s what they do in a play. Have you heard of ‘plays’?

Bec: Have you heard of abstinence?

Matt: Remember last Summer when I wanted to buy a boat because we went to the Gold Coast for two days, and I eventually didn’t buy a boat because we live two and a half hours from the ocean? How good was that. That was me being responsible with money.

Bec: You bought a canoe.

Matt: Oh yeah.

Bec: It was a $1,500 canoe. You’ve used it once since last Summer and now it’s hanging up in the shed. You hit your head on it every time you drive the mower out, and I’m pretty sure it’s homing snakes.

Matt: Yes, that’s true I suppose. Maybe I should sell it.

Bec: Maybe you should.

Matt: I don’t want to just give it away for nothing though. We might as well hang on to it for later. Will there ever be an occasion, in the foreseeable future where you’d like to go canoeing?

Bec: Yes. When I don’t have to lift it down from the roof racks on the 4WD, carry it to a lake, or be involved in any paddling.


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