Matt discovers how to pause live TV

Bec: Let’s watch So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

Matt: I’d rather eat my toenails.

Bec: No, c’mon, there’s lots of hot girls. You’ll like it.

Matt: Booooring.

Bec: Look she’s hot.

Matt: You’re hotter.

Bec: What about that blonde chick?

Matt: I’m not interested.

Bec: Why isn’t the screen moving.

Matt: What do you mean?

Bec: It’s stuck.

Matt: Are you sure?

So You Think You Can Dance Australia

Bec: Yes, it’s stuck on the screen.

Matt: Weird.

Bec: Did you hit the pause button?

Matt: No.

Bec: Yes you did.

Matt: No I didn’t.

Bec: Give me the remote control.

Matt: Sure.

Bec: Have you taken the batteries out?

Matt: They fell out. Oh look, I accidentally just kicked them under the couch. Remember this morning when I wanted to move the couch but you wouldn’t help me because it’s too heavy and you couldn’t lift it? I guess we’re stuck now. Oh well.

Bec: I’m going to find some more batteries.

Matt: You were right, I like this show.



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