Maybe we should start blogging again

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Matt: Hey Darling, you know we haven’t posted a blog post since Will was born. Our legions of fans are probably wondering what happened with everything.

Bec: How do you define “legions” of fans?

Matt: My mum, and your sister in law.

Bec: I think they have a pretty fair idea what happened. We had a baby. Then we had another baby. That’s all that happened.

Matt: Yeah, but what about all the other exciting stuff we’ve done since 2015?

Bec: Like what.

Matt: Well. Let me think. There was that time we played penguin in the bathroom and let the kids slide on the floor. That was fun.

Bec: That was a Bluey episode.

Matt: Well, what about the time there was a fairy in the garden.

Bec: Again, that was a Bluey episode.

Matt: OK, well, there has been a global pandemic. No one has really done anything exciting for the last two years anyway.

Bec: My brother started a brewery. And I started a digital marketing agency. That’s pretty exciting.

Matt: What about my career? That’s exciting too.

Bec: What do you even do? I don’t even know what you do.

Matt: I work in marketing for the Queensland Government.

Bec: Do you make exciting ads about people speeding, and drink driving and catching COVID?

Matt: No.

Bec: Then no one cares.

Matt: How about we write about all of our favourite places to go out in Brisbane. We could be influencers.

Bec: Dominos is the only place we go out. And influencers don’t have blogs, they have Instagram.

Matt: And TikTok. We could start a TikTok account for the two of us and we could lip synch parenting advice to popular K-Pop songs.

Bec: What’s K-Pop?

Matt: I don’t know. I think it’s a breakfast cereal.

Bec: I think you should do a little more research and come back to me.

Matt: What if we start a YouTube channel and we do pranks on each other. Millions of people will watch and we’ll get rich.

Bec: No they won’t. This is boring. I’m going to bed.

Matt: Great! Can I come with you.

Bec: No.

Matt: OK.

More to come…


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