The Granfields go to an Eco lodge in Tasmania

It had been two years to the day since The Granfields’ wedding and to celebrate they had booked a stay at an exclusive eco lodge on the Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania.

Matt: Hey Darling, look how lovely this is, what a nice cabin.

Bec: What’s that smell?

Matt: What smell?

Bec: I think it’s, like outdoorsy.

Matt: Do you mean fresh air?

Bec: Yes, I think that’s it.

Matt: This is a very exclusive eco lodge you know.

Bec: When you say ‘exclusive’, what do you mean.

Matt: I mean, it’s quite special. It’s in the national park.

Bec: But anyone can stay here right?

Matt: Well, yes, I suppose so.

Bec: So it’s exclusive to anyone who is staying here at the moment, anyone who has ever stayed here, and anyone who ever will stay here.

Matt: It has a lovely view of the bay, look out the window.

Bec: I can’t see the water, there are too many exclusive American tourists in the way.

Matt: How do you they are American?

Bec: I can hear them.

Matt: Well, the place had very good reviews on Tripadvisor.

Bec: Yes, I was reading Tripadvisor reviews of Freycinet. One American tourist had given the lookout a one star review because no one told him there were steps.

Matt: There are only two steps to our front door. I’m sure he would give this lodge a very good review.

Bec: Where’s the TV?

Matt: There is no TV. It’s an eco lodge.

Bec: I thought ‘eco’ meant ‘environmentally friendly’, not ‘environmentally boring’.

Matt: You don’t need a TV. We are at one with nature.

Bec: I don’t want to be at one with nature. I want to be at one with The Bachelor.

Matt: I thought that had finished?

Bec: There’s an exclusive interview tonight on The Project. Blake explains why he broke up with Sam so quickly after their TV engagement.

Matt: Maybe because he realised that after they had been married for two years he would have to explain to her that eco lodges didn’t have TVs.

Bec: I can’t believe there’s no TV.

Matt: They have some very nice hand cream in the bathroom.

Bec: See if you can use the hand cream to pick up Channel Ten then.



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