Things Bec has worried about since finding out she’s pregnant

Bec was concerned the baby would end up with a Coke addiction.

Bec was concerned the baby would end up with a Coke addiction

  • That the guy in the pet supplies store whose breath smelled like cigarettes would give the baby lung cancer.
  • That the baby was hurt when the Woolworths truck backed out too quickly and gave Bec a fright.
  • That the baby was seriously injured when Bec had a facial and the lady at the beauty salon put a steam machine thing near her face.
  • That the baby will have foetal alcohol syndrome because Bec had two glasses of wine the night before it was conceived.
  • That the baby will be deformed because Bec carried the groceries in from the car and there was a two litre milk bottle in one of the bags (the strain).
  • That the baby will have gas poisoning from the time Matt sprayed a moth with flyspray in the bedroom whilst Bec was in the ensuite with the door shut.
  • That there is too much iron in Milo, almost a quarter of the recommended daily allowance, and that the baby will have an iron disease from having too much iron.
  • That the baby has mercury poisoning because she ate a small piece of mackerel, which the baby book said was very low in mercury, but it’s still a fish and fish can have mercury, so should she go to the hospital and get her stomach pumped.
  • That the half a can of Coke Zero she had was too much caffeine for the baby, and that the baby now has a caffeine addiction.
  • That the baby has chicken poo poisoning because when she went into the chicken coop, her hair touched where the chickens had been sitting and then some wind blew the hair near her lips.
  • That the baby has Hendra virus because the horse sneezed on Bec.

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